avatar-nik.jpg Nickolas Fisher

How to Build a Secure AWS Lambda API with Node.js and React

Serverless architecture with AWS Lambdas is quickly becoming a popular option for companies looking to deploy applications without the overhead of maintaining servers. AWS Lambda functions are event-driven and serverless—triggered to process a piece of code and return a result. AWS Lambdas can be written in most common languages today on a variety of platforms including .NET Core, Java, Go and, in the case of this post, Node.js. The example in this post uses Node.js...

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Node Microservices: From Zero to Hero

Node is one of the premier frameworks for microservice architecture today. The microservice pattern allows developers to compartmentalize individual components of a larger application infrastructure. Because each component runs independently, you can upgrade or modify components without impacting the larger application. Each component exposes an interface to external consumers who are blind to any internal logic the service does. One of the challenges of working in a microservice environment is the process of one service...

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Build A Simple Web App with Node and Postgres

Node.js boasts high performance and scalability for web, mobile, or desktop applications. It is one of the fastest-growing and best-supported javascript frameworks available today, and its microservice patterns has made it a hit for modern enterprise applications. PostgreSQL has also risen in popularity, to compete with MySql. The two technologies partner well as a foundation for modern, microservices-based applications. In this post, we will build a small application that keeps track of a To-Do List...

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