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Java + Spring Tutorials

Java + Spring Tutorials

Spring Boot, and the Spring framework in general, are the core tools for the modern Java developer. They abstract away many nuances of development and architecture, allowing you to focus on building your business logic, aka, the parts of your app that will move the needle for your organization.

Here at Okta we believe in that abstraction, and that a big part of modern development is using the right tools to make the job not just easier, but better, and more securely done. What follows is a list of Java and Spring tutorials that we think can make you a better developer, and make the apps you build more secure. Some are tutorials our team has built, and many others are from experts around the web. Enjoy!

Spring + Spring Boot

Spring Boot is our fave, so we’ll start here.


Because sometimes you have to go back to basics.

Securing Your Java and Spring Apps

Security is what we do, so let us help make your apps more secure!

Spring with Frontend Technologies

If Spring is the peanut butter, React, Angular, and Vue are the jelly.

REST vs GraphQL in Spring

Which is best for what you’re building?

SQL, Microservices, Mobile Apps, and More

Advanced topics for specific needs.

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