Watch GraalVM Turn Your Java Into Binaries

avatar-bdemers.jpg Brian Demers

There has been much buzz about GraalVM and what it means for the Java world. GraalVM is a Java distribution from Oracle that adds a bunch of features, most notably a new JIT compiler, polyglot capabilities, an LLVM runtime… and the ability to turn your Java application into a native binary. This last one offers the potential to distribute Java applications as a single binary, and a few frameworks like Quarkus, Helidon, and Micronaut already...

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Why Every Developer Needs to be a Generalist

avatar-quorralyne.jpg Heather Downing

Context, as they say, is king. The age-old question of exactly what a software developer should focus on learning has been crossing my mind a lot lately. More than ever, our technology is evolving at a furious pace - and the coding world is definitely feeling the pressure. It can be overwhelming to choose where to pay attention and what to dismiss as a passing fad. So what are you to do? Let’s look at...

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A Quick Guide to Java on Netty

avatar-moksamedia.jpg Andrew Hughes

Netty is a non-blocking input/output (NIO) framework that makes it relatively simple to develop low-level network servers and clients. Netty provides an incredible amount of power for developers who need to work down on the socket level, for example when developing custom communication protocols between clients and servers. It supports SSL/TLS, has both blocking and non-blocking unified APIs, and a flexible threading model. It’s also fast and performant. Netty’s asynchronous, non-blocking I/O model is designed...

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Build A Simple Web App with Node and Postgres

avatar-nik.jpg Nickolas Fisher

Node.js boasts high performance and scalability for web, mobile, or desktop applications. It is one of the fastest-growing and best-supported javascript frameworks available today, and its microservice patterns has made it a hit for modern enterprise applications. PostgreSQL has also risen in popularity, to compete with MySql. The two technologies partner well as a foundation for modern, microservices-based applications. In this post, we will build a small application that keeps track of a To-Do List...

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C# WebSockets Tutorial: Build a Multiplayer Game

avatar-charlie-holland.jpeg Charlie Holland

It might seem obvious, but HTTP is a transfer protocol for hypertext. It was designed — in 1989 — to allow clients to request and receive hypertext documents from a server. While the protocol is undoubtedly a revolutionary technology, modern web applications have evolved far beyond simply responding to client requests. Today, web applications push more processing onto a client that must accommodate multiple Javascript frameworks and libraries. There is a real need for a...

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Symfony 4.3 + Vue.js: PHP Apps Made Simple

avatar-krasimir.jpg Krasimir Hristozov

Today’s Web users are a lot more sophisticated than just a few years ago. They expect applications to be fast, secure, and work equally well on their desktops and phones. Meeting these expectations requires a great deal of work so you can provide a reliable backend and a fully dynamic frontend, while keeping the whole system secure and scalable. However, with the right set of tools, you can get started quickly and become productive in...

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Kafka with Java: Build a Secure, Scalable Messaging App

avatar-daniel.jpeg Daniel Pereira

Today’s users expect your app to be accessible from their computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device! This transition to Software as a Service (SaaS) as the norm requires developers to effectively integrate with robust tools that scale to handle thousands (or even millions) of requests every second. Apache Kafka is one of the most effective tools for handling those high throughput environments. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basic concepts behind Apache Kafka...

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ASP.NET Core 3.0 MVC Secure Authentication

avatar-leebrandt.jpg Lee Brandt

On September 23rd, Microsoft announced the third major release of its .NET Core framework. This new release boasts better performance, support for Windows Desktop apps, improved support for Docker containers, and more. Naturally, I was excited to see this new release and get authentication hooked into it with Okta! I put together this tutorial to demonstrate how to quickly and securely set up user management with Okta and OIDC (OpenID Connect) in an ASP.NET Core...

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Create a React Native App with Login in 10 Minutes

avatar-matt_raible.jpg Matt Raible

React Native is a mobile app development framework that allows you to use React to build native iOS and Android mobile apps. Instead of using a web view and rendering HTML and JavaScript, it converts React components to native platform components. This means you can use React Native in your existing Android and iOS projects, or you can create a whole new app from scratch. In this post, I’ll show you how to add a...

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Build a Simple Microservice with C# Azure Functions

avatar-chrisgreen.jpg Chris Green

I’ve always liked microservices because they embrace small, well-encapsulated building blocks. They mitigate deployment hell by treating each component of a software system as its own product, with versions, testing, and releases. A microservice is “micro” because of the narrow scope of its functionality, not necessarily because the length of its code is very short. A microservice’s functionality, so long as it’s kept to the limited scope, can go as deep as required by the...

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