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Add Authentication to Your Xamarin App with OpenID Connect

Here at Okta we ❤️ Xamarin – it’s so much fun to build with! If you’re a Xamarin developer today, there’s a solid chance you’ll have to develop an app that requires users to sign in. Once you start doing that, you need to keep two things in mind: keep the authentication process simple for users, and keep their personal information secure. It would be nice if those things were easy, but it’s not always...

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Build a CRUD App with ASP.NET Core and Angular

A lot of applications today are built with an API on the backend, and then a single page application on the front end. This is a good approach because it allows you a ton of flexibility. For example, if you get a requirement to build a native mobile client later on: it’s easy, you already have the server side in place. Today you’ll use ASP.NET Core 2.0 on the server side, and Angular 5 on...

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