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How Can DevOps Engineers Use Okta?

What is DevOps? DevOps is one of those buzzwords. Ask three DevOps professionals what it means, and you might get four different answers. Most will agree that DevOps usually describes a mix of tools and techniques combining aspects of systems administration, software development, IT, release engineering, security, and often QA. At its best, DevOps synergizes the strengths of these fields to reduce toil through automation and improve software quality through continuous testing and deployment, and...

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Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season gets into full swing, the Developer Advocacy team at Okta has sat down around our virtual table to chat about things we’re grateful for across our various technical communities. Deepu: I’m so thankful for Linux accepting Rust as another language for the Kernel and I’m thankful for all the backing it is getting from big names. I’m sure this will lead to Linux becoming more secure as more and more code...

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From Ops To Advocacy

Hi, I’m edunham, and I’m an infra person. Our buzzwords include DevOps, Cloud Operations, and Site Reliability Engineering, though if you ask any two of us about the difference between those terms, you’ll get at least three answers. Whatever name it’s wearing, doing ops well requires not only the “how” of changing systems, but also the “why” of making the right changes. Although I’ve always loved helping spread the information that my colleagues need in...

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