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Unlock Identity Expertise with Our New Developer Podcast!

Unlock Identity Expertise with Our New Developer Podcast!

Do you enjoy podcasts? I find that, like audiobooks, podcasts can transform boring tasks into an opportunity for entertainment and education.

I’m delighted to announce a new offering from Okta’s Workforce Developer Advocacy Team: our monthly podcast!

Listen and learn with the Workforce Identity Developer Podcast

The audio version of the Workforce Identity Developer Podcast is available on Casted, where you can also explore Auth0’s ongoing Authorization in software podcast and Identity Unlocked podcast as well.

WebAuthN and Passkeys

In March, with product manager Megha Rastogi, we discussed what Workforce Identity means and reviewed some of the history of security that got us here. We dig into phishing-resistant MFA and compare the relative benefits and drawbacks of WebAuthN and Passkeys. To learn more about passkeys, visit our passkeys playground!

SSWS Auth Tokens vs OAuth

In April, with Director of Technical Strategy Matt Egan, we explored the Okta Integration Network and compared OAuth integration between applications to its predecessor, SSWS tokens. Spoiler alert: Handing out a token that confers a lot of perms indefinitely to anyone who holds it isn’t a great idea these days!

Building SaaS for enterprise customers

In May, with Product Acceleration Principal Architect Dan Marma, we discussed his recent Devday 2023 talk about The Enterprise-Ready MVP, expanding our definition of “Okta Developers” to include everyone who builds code for customers who use Okta as their identity provider. Dan also shared some stories from the field, and I learned about some extreme use cases that enterprises have demanded from their identity providers and the apps that they use those identity providers to access!

What’s next for identity education in the Okta developer podcasts?

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Every podcast has a comments section on the developer forum. Let us know what you think of each episode, and share any topics that you’d like to hear about in the coming months!

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