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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season gets into full swing, the Developer Advocacy team at Okta has sat down around our virtual table to chat about things we’re grateful for across our various technical communities.

Deepu Deepu:
I’m so thankful for Linux accepting Rust as another language for the Kernel and I’m thankful for all the backing it is getting from big names. I’m sure this will lead to Linux becoming more secure as more and more code might be written in Rust.
I’m also grateful for great communities like Foojay and the awesome contributors of JHipster and Rust.
Matt Matt:
I’ve focused on tools in past holiday posts. This year, I’d like to focus on people. I’d like to focus on a couple folks who have really helped me move things along in JHipster and other projects:
- Marcelo Shima (@mshima on GitHub, no Twitter): for Micro Frontends, migrating Ionic and Quarkus to JHipster 7, and for being an awesome developer. He’s been cranking out code like mad and is now our #4 contributor!
- Vishal Mahajan (@vishal423 on GitHub and Twitter): for all his help with OAuth and OAuth-related issues with JHipster.
- Pascal Grimaud (@pascalgrimaud on GitHub and Twitter): for managing JHipster’s CI and release process. It’s a thankless job and he often does it on weekends, outside of work.
Brian Brian:
Like Matt, I’m feeling grateful right now for some individuals who really stand out in my communities.
- Benjamin Marwell (@bmarwell on GitHub and Twitter): Awesome developer, he has been helping to push the latest updates to the @ApacheShiro project.
- The Apache Infra Team (@TheASF on Twitter), some of the unsung heroes of the open-source world. They are always helpful and quick to respond to questions, #HugOps
- The OktaDev Team. The Great Tech Exodus of 2021 shook up the team a bit, but everyone on the team, new and old, has been a joy to work with!
Tanay Tanay:
- The OktaDev team. Joining new teams can be stressful, but my last few weeks have been just amazing! I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for being so kind and helpful 🤗
- Shawn Wang (@swyx on Twitter): I have been enjoying his writings, and he has inspired me to delve into topics that I didn’t know I cared about as well as think things from a different perspective 👨‍🏫
- We would all have a tough time learning new things if it weren’t for all the documentation and support teams. Thank you for your hard work in making sure that everyone in the community succeeds 🙌
Alisa Alisa:
The JavaScript ecosystem is huge and constantly evolving - it’s almost impossible to keep up with changes and new frameworks. But luckily, we have a community of people who share their knowledge, help lower the barriers for each other, and advocate for safe learning environments. I appreciate the bravery and tenacity of code newbies and 100-days-of-coders who share their learning journey so freely, friendly spaces such as so we can learn from each other, and the voices of established developers who foster a welcoming culture to better the community.
As an Angular developer, I also appreciate the contributors and maintainers for awesome OSS libraries that make up the Angular ecosystem. Their hard work power enterprise software systems, usually without any pay or recognition. I am thankful for their continued support of their libraries, inspired by their passion to contribute, and grateful for the time they spend on their projects.
edunham edunham
I share Alisa’s appreciation for the OSS developers who make the DevOps ecosystem, and indeed most of the internet, possible.
There’s another group of volunteers that I’d like to highlight this year, too: I’m thankful for all the conference organizers around the world who’ve had to make the hard choices about the best ways to keep their events and communities alive! I’ve seen them making hard choices to cancel and modify events this year, and it’s pretty thankless work right now to keep their communities going. But due to their dedication, I’m able to look forward to reuniting with old friends and making new ones at community events.

Happy holidays from the Okta team!

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