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avatar-semona-igama.jpeg Semona Igama

Semona has been with Okta for three years supporting developers as a Developer Support Engineer. She is excited to transition to a Dev Advocate role - advocating for Okta developer community needs. Outside of work, Semona is a foodie, loves kombucha, and is interested in board games and ultimate frisbee.

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Enterprise-Ready Workshop: Manage users with SCIM

Hello SaaS developers! You sell your software to technologically mature enterprises, and they expect it to interface seamlessly with all their other tools. In our Enterprise-Ready Workshop on OpenID Connect, you learned how to solve part of this problem, by creating user accounts in your application for your customers’ employees whenever they log in. Posts in the on-demand workshop series 1. How to Get Going with the On-Demand SaaS Apps Workshops 2. Enterprise-Ready Workshop: Authenticate...

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Supporting Devs Through Advocacy

Supporting developers is my modus operandi. I’ve been with Okta for three years, formerly as a Developer Support Engineer and now as a Developer Advocate. Before joining Okta, I graduated from Hackbright Academy, an all-women boot camp based in San Francisco. I learned to think like a programmer through coding in Python and Javascript. My full-stack capstone project was a web application that tracked sugar intake, inspired by the community health service volunteer work I...

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