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How to Take Your Enterprise-Ready SaaS App Beyond MVP

How to Take Your Enterprise-Ready SaaS App Beyond MVP

Ready to move beyond MVP in the journey of adding enterprise-ready identity in your SaaS app? With the must-have functionality in place, you’re ready to make your app stand out, get noticed by enterprise customers, and handle user provisioning and automation that can scale!

So what might that look like? 🤔

In this installment of creating an enterprise-ready SaaS app, we’ll cover this and more!

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Take your enterprise-ready SaaS app to the next level

Aaron Parecki, Security Architect Group Manager at Okta, shared ways you can level up your SaaS app at WIC Devday 23 virtual conference:

Learn more about Okta Workflows, provisioning, and SaaS application maturity

In the following weeks, watch for posts featuring the conference presentations, including elevating about elevating authentication mechanisms and automating your deployments.

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Aaron Parecki is a Senior Security Architect at Okta. He is the author of OAuth 2.0 Simplified, and maintains He regularly writes and gives talks about OAuth and online security. He is an editor of several internet specs, and is the co-founder of IndieWebCamp, a conference focusing on data ownership and online identity. Aaron has spoken at conferences around the world about OAuth, data ownership, quantified self, and home automation, and his work has been featured in Wired, Fast Company and more.

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