Use Vue and GraphQL to Build a Secure App

avatar-holger_schmitz.jpg Holger Schmitz

When you develop a new web application, you most likely split the application into two parts. The server-side provides access control and data persistence, while the client-side is mostly presentational. The two parts have to communicate, and your first idea may be to implement a REST API. However, a number of flaws have been identified with the RESTful pattern, mostly related to the flexibility and speed of the request-response pattern. At Facebook, these problems were...

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Get Started with Koa.js for Node Applications

avatar-ivo-katunaric.jpg Ivo Katunaric

Ever since JavaScript made its giant leap from frontend to backend more than 10 years ago, Express has been the go-to library for writing server-side javascript and virtually synonymous with Node.js. It was (and in many aspects it still is) a modern and simple approach backend APIs. Declarative tree-like structure of routes, native support for middleware, asynchronous request processing and a miniature memory footprint all make Express very robust for a backend. As good as...

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Get Started with Jetty, Java, and OAuth

avatar-moksamedia.jpg Andrew Hughes

Jetty is a small, highly-scalable Java-based web server and servlet engine. It supports HTTP/2, WebSockets, and many other protocols. It powers websites and frameworks, both large and small, such as Google AppEngine. Because it is an Eclipse project, its open source project is called Eclipse Jetty. it is standards compliant and open source, as well as commercially usable. It is the main alternative to Tomcat when hosting Java applications. Like you can with Tomcat, you...

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Build a .NET App Quickly with Docker

avatar-charlie-holland.jpeg Charlie Holland

In this post, you’ll build a .Net Framework application with Visual Studio on Windows 10. You’ll then containerize your application so it can be reliably deployed and run on any instance of Docker for Windows. Since containers share the host operating system, you can only run containers compatible with your host operating system kernel. For Linux based applications, practically all versions of Linux share the same kernel, so as long as you’ve installed Docker, you’re...

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OAuth 2.0 Java Guide: Secure Your App in 5 Minutes

avatar-daniel.jpeg Daniel Pereira

Modern applications rely on user authentication, but it can present Java developers with a difficult challenge, as well as a range of framework-specific options to choose from. We have seen many Spring developers start with a simple, home-grown authentication service they plan to replace “later” with a more robust option… only for that homegrown service to bikeshed its way to a permanent place in the stack. To end this cycle of heartbreak, this post will...

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Simple, Secure Authentication with CodeIgniter

avatar-krasimir.jpg Krasimir Hristozov

CodeIgniter is a simple, lightweight PHP framework that remains a popular option for many developers. It might lack the sophisticated architecture and advanced features of Symfony or Laravel, but it compensates with a small footprint and a shallow learning curve. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a simple application for creating/viewing news items. We will extend the standard CodeIgniter tutorial to add user authentication to the application, require a logged-in user...

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Okta Developer Office Hours Q&A - September 2019 Edition

avatar-matt_raible.jpg Matt Raible

On September 19, 2019, we held our first Okta Developer office hours. Our goal was to host a live Q&A with developers that use Okta. Over 150 developers attended! We streamed the session live on YouTube, so you can watch it below if you like. We received around 60 questions during our live-stream and did not get a chance to answer them all. After close examination, we determined that many questions overlapped and ended up...

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Get Familiar with Android and Gradle

avatar-mikel.jpg Mikel Pascual

Interested in Android development? Then you should get familiar with Gradle, the only Android development build system that Google officially supports. Gradle manages all aspects of the Android development process, making it easy to: Compile your code Solve dependency trees and conflicts between libraries Merge your code and resources with those of your libraries Cache resources for compilation performance Connect it all to the Android SDK Finally packaging it into the right format with the...

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The Dangers of Self-Signed Certificates

avatar-bdemers.jpg Brian Demers

How many times have you started a new job, and the first thing you see on the company intranet is a “Your connection is not private” error message? Maybe you asked around and were directed to a wiki page. Of course, you probably had to click through the security warnings before actually viewing that page. If you are security-minded, this probably bothers you, but because you have a new job to do, you accept the...

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Get to Know Entity Framework and PostgreSQL

avatar-terje-kolderup.jpg Terje Kolderup

Entity Framework is one of the most pervasive Object-Relational Mappers (ORMs) for ASP.NET. An ORM maps an application’s object entities to relational entities in a database, and allows developers to build and edit the database schema from the code. Furthermore, Entity Framework’s design makes it particularly friendly for PostgreSQL developers. Entity Framework (EFCore) Core is a lighter weight and more flexible version that specifically enables .NET objects. It reduces the amount of data access code...

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