What's New with OAuth and OpenID Connect?

In this video you’ll learn about the latest developments in the OAuth and OpenID Connect specs from Aaron Parecki, a regular contributor to the OAuth working group. The latest additions to the specs enable richer experiences and better security for applications using OAuth.

In this video:

  • 4:59 Mutual TLS
  • 6:43 Resource Indicators
  • 8:20 OAuth 2.0 Security Best Current Practice
  • 17:47 OAuth for Browser-Based Apps
  • 19:52 JWT Profile for Access Tokens
  • 20:39 Rich Authorization Requests (RAR)
  • 22:22 Pushed Authorization Requests (PAR)
  • 23:49 JWT Authorization Requests (JAR)
  • 25:34 OAuth 2.1
  • 29:12 OAuth 3 / TXAuth

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