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How to Master the Filestream in C#

We live in a world that moves fast. Compared to the mid 90s through early 2000s, we have incredibly intelligent technology. Effectively, we have super-computers in our pockets. Our actual, modern supercomputers would have seemed like works of fiction just two decades ago. Not only is our ability to compute fast, but so is our data - with cellular 4G averaging 18.1 Mbps and 5G coming in at an average of 111.8 Mbps, at the...

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Build an Incredibly Fast Website with Dapper + C#

If you have been doing .NET development professionally for any length of time, you are probably familiar with Entity Framework for data access. At the time of this post, both Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core have over 85 million downloads on Nuget so it is definitely a popular framework. People love Entity Framework because it abstracts the way you interact with the database to make development easier. The problem, though, is that you trade...

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Baking in Security with .NET CLI Templates

Let’s face it: developing good security is hard, unglamorous, and time-intensive. People tend to think about it as an afterthought instead of a priority. What if there were a way to make all your new projects more secure out of the box, and also make your company’s development processes easier and more repeatable in the process? Good news everyone, I have just the thing: .NET templates. You are going to love how much time and...

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