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Add User Authentication and Okta Resource Management to Your Java App

Get Started with Java + Okta

New to Okta? Our Java resources will help you add user authentication to your Java app.

Okta Management SDK for Java

The Okta Java SDK can be used in your server-side code to create and update users, groups, and more.

Okta Java SDK GitHub Project

Okta Java SDK Reference (Javadoc)

Okta Hooks SDK for Java

The Okta Hooks SDK can be used to respond to Okta's Inline Hooks (opens new window) from custom applications.

Okta Hooks SDK GitHub Project

Okta Hooks SDK Reference (Javadoc)

Okta JWT Verifier for Java

The Okta JWT Verifier can be used in products that do not have existing OAuth 2.0 support. This library supports validating Okta's OAuth access tokens and ID tokens.

Okta JWT Verifier GitHub Project

Okta JWT Verifier Reference (Javadoc)

Okta Authentication SDK for Java

The Okta Authentication SDK can be used in scenarios where using OAuth 2.0 is not possible.

Okta Authentication SDK GitHub Project

Okta Authentication SDK Reference (Javadoc)

Java Servlet Sample

Java Servlet Sample