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Add user authentication to your iOS app

Get started with iOS + Okta

These resources walk you through adding user authentication to your iOS app in minutes.

Add sign-in with Okta to your app

There are two ways to integrate sign-in with Okta to your app. The easiest to integrate is the redirect model that uses the Okta-hosted Sign-In Widget. You open the widget, Okta processes the sign-in attempt, and then sends the result to your app. The other is the embedded model, where you manage each step in the sign-in flow. See Overview of the mobile Identity Engine SDK for more detail.

Use the redirect model

This method works with both Okta Identity Engine and Okta Classic Engine.

SDK: Okta Mobile SDK for Swift (opens new window).

Example: Browser sign-in (opens new window).

Use the embedded model

This method works only with Identity Engine.

SDK: Identity Engine Swift SDK (opens new window).

Example: iOS embedded authentication with SDK sample app (opens new window).

Okta-hosted Sign-In Widget guide:

Sign users in to your mobile app using the redirect model

Embedded SDK and Sign-In Widget sign-in guide:

Other guides:

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