Okta Music Store

Visit the GitHub repository for the "Okta Music Store" .NET Sample Application. (opens new window)

The Okta Music Store is a sample application written in .NET and is a demonstration of how to add Okta as an identity provider for an existing application.

It is based on a pre-existing sample application known as the MVC Music Store (opens new window), a well-known introduction to the open source (opens new window) ASP.NET web application framework (opens new window).

The Okta Music Store builds on top of the MVC Music Store and shows you how to use the Okta SDK to do the following things in an ASP.NET MVC application:

  • Using Okta to handle your web application user logins.
  • Accessing Okta user profile data from inside a web application.
  • Managing web application users and groups.
  • Adding Single-sign on to your web application.

Get started by visiting the GitHub repository for the Okta Music Store (opens new window).