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Add User Authentication and Okta Resource Management to Your ASP.NET Core App

Get Started with ASP.NET Core + Okta

New to Okta? Our how to guide will walk you through adding user authentication to your ASP.NET Core app in minutes.

Okta ASP.NET Core Integration

Okta's OIDC middleware integration with ASP.NET Core makes it easy to add sign-in to your ASP.NET Core applications and protect your Web APIs.

Okta ASP.NET Core OIDC integration on NuGet Okta ASP.NET Core OIDC integration Source

Other .NET Libraries

The Okta Management SDK for .NET uses .NET Standard and will work with both .NET Framework and .NET Core. It is helpful to work with the Okta Management API to manage users, groups, apps, etc on the fly.

The Okta Authentication SDK for .NET is useful if you cannot use OIDC and need your server-side code to interact with the Authentication API for handling the sign in flow.

The Okta SDK for Xamarin follows current best practice for native apps using OIDC, the Authorization Code flow + PKCE.