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Articles tagged cryptocurrency

Build Your Own Invoicing Service with Node, Coinbase, Bitcoin, and Okta

I got into Bitcoin back in 2011. Since then, I’ve been a fan of cryptocurrencies and have always had an interest in them. I’ve also built several Bitcoin projects over the years (an information website, an ecommerce site, and several others) to help promote the usage of the cryptocurrency (while having some fun). The idea of being able to send and receive money almost instantly from anywhere in the world with no middleman is really...

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Use Okta (Instead of Local Storage) to Store Your User's Data Securely

Local Storage is a JavaScript API technically known as localStorage that arrived with HTML5. It allows you to store information on a user’s browser quickly and easily. There are many debates on the web as to whether it’s better than cookies. Some say it’s faster (because it doesn’t send data with every request like cookies do) and more secure. Whether it’s more secure or not is debatable, especially when compared with secure cookies that have...

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Protect Your Cryptocurrency Wealth Tracking PWA with Okta

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage. Over the last year, the value of Bitcoin alone has risen 1,603%, driving more and more people to wonder if they’re missing out on the “next big thing.” Because of the massive influx of money into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Ripple — blockchain technology (which is the foundation of all cryptocurrency) has become an area of intense technical study. At its core, blockchain technology does nothing more than...

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Build a Cryptocurrency Comparison Site with Vue.js

Vue.js is a simple JavaScript framework that lets you build dynamic front-end web applications. Lots of people compare it to React and Angular. As a back-end developer, and someone not incredibly experienced with frontend web applications, I’ve found Vue.js a lot simpler to learn, use, and be successful with vs. React and Angular. In this article, I’ll walk you through the basics of Vue.js, and in the process we’ll build a very simple single page...

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