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Deepu is a polyglot developer, Java Champion, and OSS aficionado. He mainly works with Java, JS, Rust, and Golang. He co-leads JHipster and created the JDL Studio and KDash. He's a Senior Developer Advocate for DevOps at Okta. He is also an international speaker and published author.

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Does Java 18 finally have a better alternative to JNI?

Java 18 was released last month (March 2022), and with it comes the second incubator of the Foreign Function & Memory API, so let us look at the state of Foreign Function Interface (FFI) in Java. Table of Contents What is a Foreign Function Interface? Why is Foreign Function Interface needed? A brief history of FFI in Java Java Native Interface (JNI) Java Native Access (JNA) Java Native Runtime (JNR) Enter Project Panama Foreign-Memory Access...

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Why Safe Programming Matters and Why a Language Like Rust Matters

As programmers, how many of you have a good understanding of programming safety or secure programming? It’s not the same as application security or cyber security. I have to confess; I didn’t know a lot about these in the early years of my career, especially since I didn’t come from a computer science background. But looking back, I think programming security is something every programmer should be aware of and should be taught at a...

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Containerless! How to Run WebAssembly Workloads on Kubernetes with Rust

WebAssembly (Wasm) is one of the most exciting and underestimated software technologies invented in recent times. It’s a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine that aims to execute at native speeds with a memory-safe and secure sandbox. Wasm is portable, cross-platform, and language-agnostic—designed as a compilation target for languages. Though originally part of the open web platform, it has found use cases beyond the web. WebAssembly is now used in browsers, Node.js, Deno,...

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How to Deploy a .NET Container with AWS ECS Fargate

In a previous article, we learned how to host a serverless .NET application using AWS Lambda. We talked about the history of serverless and how companies are using these types of technology to simplify delivering APIs and functionality faster than traditional methods. Some problems will arise in this type of application when you need more capability than standard HTTP requests like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. Web Sockets is a great example of this. Table...

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How to Secure Your Kubernetes Clusters With Best Practices

Kubernetes has become an unavoidable part of a software infrastructure these days. If you are an enterprise or medium/large company, chances are you are already running Kubernetes clusters for your workloads. If you are a DevOps engineer, there is a good chance you are maintaining either an on-prem Kubernetes cluster or a PaaS like Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, or GKE. But regardless of how you run your Kubernetes clusters, you need to make sure that...

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How to Secure Your Kubernetes Cluster with OpenID Connect and RBAC

A Kubernetes (k8s) cluster comprises worker machines called nodes and a control plane consisting of the API server, scheduler, etcd, controller manager, and in the case of a PaaS (platform as a service), the cloud controller manager. The containers deployed to the cluster run in pods on the worker nodes. At the same time, the control plane takes care of scheduling, responding to requests, and managing the cluster. When you communicate with a Kubernetes cluster,...

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Spreading Some Okta Love to the DevOps World

Hello Oktaverse! So finally, I have landed at Okta on my second attempt 😉. I’m so excited about this new chapter in my career journey and can’t wait to see what’s in store. But first, introductions. Who am I I’m from the south of India, a village in Kerala to be specific, but I grew up in Chennai since my parents moved there looking for work when I was 12. I like to call myself...

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