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Configure protocol-specific settings

Your application needs to support at least one protocol for interacting with Okta: SAML or OIDC for authentication, or SCIM for provisioning.

Protocol support details can be submitted all together or asynchronously. For example, if your application currently only supports SAML and SCIM, you can create the submission with the SAML and SCIM protocol details. At a later date, when you add OIDC support to your application, you can return to your integration submission, activate the OIDC support panel, and add in the details needed for Okta to enable OIDC support.

For each protocol, click the appropriate tab name and change the protocol support drop-down box from Off to On.

Instance URL

For each protocol, enter the Okta instance URL for your integration in the first field.

To get your Okta instance URL in your development org:

  1. In the Okta Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications to see all the integrations in your org.
  2. Click the name of the app integration that you are going to submit.
  3. On the settings page, confirm that the settings match what you want as the global defaults for all customers.
  4. In your browser, click in the address bar showing the current URL and copy it to your clipboard. This is the Okta instance URL for your integration.
  5. Back in the OIN Manager, paste that URL into your submission.

Protocol-specific settings

Each of the supported protocols has different configuration settings for the remainder of the submission.

Instructions for

As you add configuration information about your integration to the submission page, the indicators in the top right show your progress towards 100% completion.

You must include all required information before you can click the Submit for Review button to move your integration into the submission phase.