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Configure general settings

To start your integration submission, open the OIN Manager (opens new window) and click Start Submission Form.

Sign in using your development org credentials and click Add New Submission to create a new submission instance.

If you want to review an in-progress submission, click View beside the name of your integration.

If you need to update an integration, see Update your published integration.

In the General Settings page, you need to fill in the basic information about your integration:

App information

  • Does your app exist in the OIN? — if your integration already exists in the OIN, provide the Existing OIN app name so that the Okta OIN team can locate it.

  • What changes are you making to the existing OIN integration? — if your integration already exists in the OIN, summarize the changes that you are requesting in your update. This summary helps the Okta OIN team address your changes.

  • App name — provide a name for your integration. This is the main title used for your integration in the OIN.

  • App website — provide a link to your product or service homepage, or a specific location on your website where users can learn more about your integration.

  • App category — specify one or more categories that Okta will use to categorize your integration in the OIN catalog. Click Add Another to choose up to three categories.

  • App description — give a general description of your application and what the Okta integration does. For examples, see the overview section for any of the integrations listed on the OIN (opens new window).

  • App icon — upload a PNG, JPG, or GIF file of a logo to accompany your integration in the catalog. The logo file must be smaller than 1 MB in size. For best results, use a PNG image with a transparent background, a landscape orientation, and use a minimum resolution of 420 x 120 pixels to prevent upscaling.

Customer support

  • Support contacts — include one or more public contact points for users who need assistance with your integration. You can also add a link to an FAQ or a troubleshooting guide. Use the drop-down menu to specify if you are adding an email, a URL, or a phone number and click Add Another to add additional contacts. Okta shares this information with customers in the OIN catalog description for your app integration.

  • Escalation support contact — this should be an email distribution list for Okta to use when contacting your company about your integration. It can be a phone number, but ideally when there is an issue with your integration, Okta wants to reach as many people as possible without creating any bottlenecks. Make sure that the contact provided here is not a generic contact such as support@example.com or a 1-800 number. The escalation contact should be a contact list that Okta can reach out to in any emergencies. This contact information is not shared with customers.

Test account

The Okta OIN team requires a dedicated account on your application to run their tests. This account needs to be kept active beyond the submission period in case Okta needs to update or troubleshoot a submission.

  • Test account URL — this is a static URL for Okta to sign on to your application. The account credentials you provide below must work for this URL.

  • Test account username or email — the account name for Okta to use to sign on to your application. Our preferred account name is isvtest@okta.com

  • Test account password — password for the test account.

  • Additional instructions — include any other information that you think the Okta OIN team needs to know about your integration, the test account, or the testing configuration.