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The Okta Integration Network (OIN) is the identity industry’s broadest and deepest set of pre-built cloud integrations to manage access management, authentication, and provisioning. By adding your integration to the OIN, you can gain exposure to thousands of Okta customers who can discover your integration and deploy your application to millions of users. OIN integrations speed adoption by simplifying configuration steps and reducing friction for your customers.

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV), Okta customer, or IT system integrator who wants to add their integration to the Okta Integration Network (opens new window), read this guide for instructions on how to submit your integration. Adding your integration to the Okta Integration Network is completely cost free.

Protocols supported

This guide covers submissions that use one or more of these protocols:


As a prerequisite to submission, you must have a functional integration created and tested in accordance with one of our OIN guides:

Submission process

After you have built a functioning app integration, a few steps are required to submit it to Okta for review and publication in the OIN:

  1. Create a customer-facing configuration guide.

  2. Submit your integration to Okta through the OIN Manager tool. Your submission must provide Okta with the general and protocol-specific metadata that is required to create a customized integration for publication in the OIN.

    Note: In the OIN manager, the Profile Sourcing option (formerly known as Profile Mastering) is enabled for developer orgs by Okta Developer Support. You can contact developers@okta.com to have this capability temporarily activated when submitting a SCIM app integration.

  3. Work with the Okta OIN team to test your integration using your input and then get it published to the OIN Catalog.

The Okta OIN team reviews all submissions on a best-case basis.

If the Okta OIN team identifies any issues in the initial review and QA testing phases, you are sent an email with the specific details. At any point in the process, you can check the status of your submission in the OIN Manager (opens new window).

Note: SWA app integrations are no longer accepted for publication in the OIN catalog; however, existing SWA apps are still maintained by the OIN team.

Submission support

Getting your app integration in the OIN catalog involves two phases: creating a functional integration and submitting it through the OIN publication process. For each phase in the process, Okta has an associated support stream to assist you.

When you are constructing your Okta integration, you can post a question on the Okta Developer Forum (opens new window).

When you are troubleshooting a submission or need to know the current publication status, sign in to the OIN Manager (opens new window) using your dev credentials. You can make any necessary changes to your submission there. If you have questions or need additional support to publish your app integration, you can reach out to the Okta OIN team directly at oin@okta.com.

Note: All integrations in the OIN catalog are public. If you want to submit a request to create a private app integration for an application that uses SCIM 1.1 or Profile Sourcing, or for an application that uses a custom header expression for the Header Auth, then use the SCIM App Integration Wizard (opens new window) to create your integration and submit your app via the OIN Manager (opens new window). The Okta OIN team will work with you to create an internal-only integration that isn't included in the OIN.