The configuration information for an external IdP is stored in Okta. Create the external IdP and configure it from the Developer Console:

  1. Hover over Users in the top navigation bar, and select Social & Identity Providers.

  2. Select Add Identity Provider > Add SAML 2.0 IdP.

  3. Fill in your SAML Identity Provider's settings. Help.

    Hint: If you need a quick and easy SAML Identity Provider to use for testing purposes, you can try using

  4. Save the IdP in Okta and note of the value at the end of the Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL). The string after the last slash is the IdP's id value. For example: If your ACS URL is https://{yourOktaDomain}/sso/saml2/0oab8rlfooi5Atqv60h7, then your Okta IdP's id is 0oab8rlfooi5Atqv60h7.


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