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Articles tagged progressive-web-app

Add Authentication to Your Angular PWA

You’re developing a Progressive Web Application (PWA), and your service worker and web app manifest are working swimmingly. You’ve even taken the time to deploy it to a server with HTTPS, and you’re feeling pretty good about things. But wait, you don’t have any way of knowing who your users are! Don’t you want to provide them with an opportunity to authenticate and tell you who they are? Once you know who they are, you...

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Tutorial: Develop a Mobile App With Ionic and Spring Boot

You already know that building APIs with Spring Boot is incredibly easy. But, your API isn’t complete without a UI, right? Well, building UIs with Ionic is pretty easy too, especially if you know Angular! Ionic is an open source framework designed to help you build mobile applications with web technologies. It started out as a framework based on AngularJS. Ionic 3.0 was recently released, with support for Angular 4, TypeScript 2.2, and lazy loading....

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Build Your First Progressive Web Application with Angular and Spring Boot

An October 2016 DoubleClick report found 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load. That same report said the average mobile sites load in 19 seconds. According to Alex Russell in his recent talk on the state of mobile development, one of the biggest problems in mobile today is that developers use powerful laptops and desktops to develop their mobile applications, rather than using a $200 device...

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