avatar-jeffhaw.jpeg Jefferson Haw

Never Build MFA Again: A Developer's Guide to Transactional MFA

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has been widely deployed over the last decade to end users but is, for the most part, only used during the login process. Using 2FA/MFA is a secure way of verifying who the user is before allowing them to access the desired application. In just the last few years, however, applications have started adopting more sophisticated uses of 2FA/MFA. A good example would be the way current...

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Secure an Episerver CMS website with Okta and C#

Most developers know that building an e-Commerce website can be a major pain. You have to contend with making the front end look great even when the content is dynamic and frequently updated. From seasonal themes like Black Friday and Christmas to customization based on the user’s behavior, it can be a major project to keep up. Luckily, there are platforms that allow developers to build in a templated fashion with content that can be...

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Linking Your Alexa Skill Securely with Okta

We are moving toward a ‘SMART’ world where everything is interconnected and almost all things or devices are interactive. From a gesture-driven by an actual human being to automated interactions from another device or application, a lot of developers and even non-computer savvy users are trying to explore this space. In this post, I will use Amazon’s Alexa which is Amazon’s voice-enabled and command Virtual Assistant as an example. I’ll show how you can make...

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