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Huan Liu is a Director of Engineering and Sphere Head for CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) Products. His team is responsible for both the end-to-end CIAM experiences and the underlying federation protocols. Prior to Okta, Huan was an Engineering Manager and Head of the Terragraph program at Facebook. He was also the co-lead of the Maveric program, which brings Facebook's ML expertise to 5G networks. Huan holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

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How to Create a Seamless Mobile SSO (Single Sign-On) Experience in iOS

On an iPhone, when we log in to an app, we click a login button, and a website pops up to verify our credentials. Once verified, the website then redirects back to the app, and you are logged in. This familiar Single Sign-On (SSO) pattern is frequently referred to as the redirect flow for authentication. The use of a web browser for auth in this example is considered a “Best Current Practice” for security and...

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Native SSO: Desktop and Mobile Apps Single Sign-On

When you hear SSO (Single Sign-On), you probably immediately think of web apps, and how you only need to sign into one web app first, then all other web apps give you seamless access. Unfortunately, for desktop and mobile applications (often referred to as “native apps”), the seamless web SSO experience (also referred to as native SSO) has not caught on. This is partly due to the lack of an industry standard or best practice...

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Command Line Login with the OAuth Device Grant

Even if you’ve never heard of the OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Grant, formerly known as the Device Flow, you’ve probably seen it in action on a smart TV or other streaming device. The Device Authorization Grant is commonly used on devices with limited keyboard input ability. The process allows you to log in to an account more easily via a separate browser on your laptop, mobile phone, or other companion rich-input device. For instance, if...

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