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Developer's Cheat Sheet for C# 9.0

Introduction to C# 9 (and a bit of C# 8, too) Let’s start with a background on how C# 9 got here (implementation examples start in the next section). The last few years in computer science, we’ve observed the rising popularity of the #FreeLunchOver concept. The idea is that CPU technology, based on electrical signals and Von Neumann architecture, has reached its intrinsic limits. As long as integrated circuits were slower than light, we knew...

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Deploy a .NET Container with Azure DevOps

When I began programming (in the ’80s), computers weren’t equipped with a network card by default. The internet was almost unknown and modems were slow and noisy. The software was installed from stacks of flexible floppy disks. Today, computing resources are virtual. The internet is vital and there is an URL for everything. We live in the *aaS (* as a Service) era, where if you want something, there is likely one or more something...

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How to Adapt Your .NET App for SameSite

Have you run across an error message vaguely referencing SameSite in your .NET Apps? Read on, it’s time for a change to your code - and I’ll explain why. I like cookies, both the custard stuffed and the dry ones (which I use to dunk in my coffee or tea). This post is very much about cookies - only not the delicious, culinary ones. As in many other cases (think of the web, for example),...

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10x Your Development with the Azure CLI

Back in the days of DOS, software developers couldn’t count much on fancy tools. There were no graphical interfaces, and everything was purely text-based. I remember using brief as an editor for my C source files (C++ didn’t exist yet), and compiling the code from the command line with the Aztec C compiler. The most advanced concept of a non-trivial software project was based on makefiles. The idea of grabbing a mouse and moving it...

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