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C# WebSockets Tutorial: Build a Multiplayer Game

It might seem obvious, but HTTP is a transfer protocol for hypertext. It was designed — in 1989 — to allow clients to request and receive hypertext documents from a server. While the protocol is undoubtedly a revolutionary technology, modern web applications have evolved far beyond simply responding to client requests. Today, web applications push more processing onto a client that must accommodate multiple Javascript frameworks and libraries. There is a real need for a...

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Build a .NET App Quickly with Docker

In this post, you’ll build a .Net Framework application with Visual Studio on Windows 10. You’ll then containerize your application so it can be reliably deployed and run on any instance of Docker for Windows. Since containers share the host operating system, you can only run containers compatible with your host operating system kernel. For Linux based applications, practically all versions of Linux share the same kernel, so as long as you’ve installed Docker, you’re...

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Build a Simple .NET Core App on Docker

Wouldn’t it be great if stuff just worked? Especially in the ever-changing world of software. Chasing dependency issues and debugging arcane operating system errors - not a good use of time. One important aspect of “stuff just works” – reliability. Recently, the software community has made strides in test-driven development and continuous integration processes to drive up quality, and of course, that improves reliability. But it can only go so far. Operating systems perform many...

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Build Continuous Integration with Jenkins in C#

“It works on my machine.” If you’re a developer, or you work with developers, you’ve heard this phrase one too many times. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you may even have the coffee mug, tee shirt, or mouse pad. It’s fair to say that if Bart Simpson decides to embark on a career in software, “It works on my machine” will be the new “Eat my shorts”. Jokes aside, it represents...

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Store ASP.NET Secrets Securely with Azure KeyVault

Nothing ruins your weekend quite as wholly as getting paged at 2 am on Saturday to tell you that there’s been a data breach at your company. In this post, I’m going to talk about how you can reduce the risk of that happening by keeping secrets out of your source code. By following this guide, you’ll create an ASP.NET Core MVC web application that uses Okta for identity management. Rather than working through a...

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