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The Rails Guide to Securing an API

In this tutorial we are going down a different track then our last Ruby Post (bad pun intended). Instead diving into building a very simple API that, of course, we will secure with access tokens minted by our very own Okta OAuth server. We’ll make requests to this API via Postman to keep things nice and simple. Now let’s get chugging along. (OK, that’s the last pun for a bit.) Prerequisites for this blog post...

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Easy Authentication for Ruby On Rails Login

A couple of things have changed in the Rails world since we published our last blog post on Rails. For one, Rails 6.0 was released on August 16, 2019 (Yay progress!), and, for another, Omniauth had a CRSF vulnerability reported (not so great). Does this make you a bit anxious? Don’t worry! Today we will be going over how to create a Rails app from scratch with the new Rails release and go over how...

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Simple Authentication with Rails and OmniAuth

Today I’m going to show you how to authenticate users into your Rails applications using the latest best-practices and a hosted authentication/authorization provider which makes managing users simple. Specifically, you’ll learn how to integrate Rails and Okta to create, manage, and secure users with OpenID Connect. To make this all work, you’ll be using one of the most popular gems in the Rails world: OmniAuth. Additionally, you’ll be using the fabulous devise gem to make...

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