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Meet the New Okta Identity Platform

I’m genuinely excited to announce that today, we’re officially re-launching the new and improved Okta Identity Platform.

Okta Developer Screenshot

Everything has been molded to our vision, and we’re aiming to do something we could not before: build the world’s largest authentication-as-a-service platform for developers of all shapes and sizes.

The new Okta Identity Platform is our attempt to make authentication and authorization problems a relic of the past. We want to provide beautiful developer libraries across every programming language and framework to make adding things like…

  • User registration
  • User login
  • Password reset
  • Social login
  • Single Sign-On
  • API authentication
  • And lots more

…a thoughtless five minute task.

Okta handles things like user credential storage, password hashing, data isolation, best practices, etc. If you use one of our new developer libraries, we’ll do our very best to solve all your user management problems.

While the Okta service isn’t perfect, and certainly has some rough edges, it’s something we’re all incredibly passionate about, and working hard every single day to improve. It will get better.

We won’t be satisfied until Okta fills the void that exists in the web world right now, and provides the absolute best platform for developers of all different types to scratch their user management itch.

This means we’re building the service to cater to actual developers of all types: students, hobbyists, 10pm - 4am hackers (like myself), startups, and even large enterprises. We’re aiming to build an extremely low-cost, usage-based service that anyone can use without the need to commit to expensive plans and upsells. We want to make something that WE would want to use in our next passion project.

For applications with fewer than 1,000 active monthly users, this means the service will be absolutely free. For applications with more active users than that, we’ve got inexpensive usage-based plans.

We’ll be doing our absolute best to build something that we hope you will love as well.

If you’re interested in trying out the new Okta Identity Platform that we’ve been working on, please sign up today and hit us up if you’ve got questions, comments, or feedback.

Finally, if you’d like to read along with the entire story of how we got here, you can read my personal thoughts on the subject.

Randall Degges runs Evangelism at Okta where he works on security research, development, and education. In his spare time, Randall writes articles and gives talks advocating for security best practices. Randall also builds and contributes to various open-source security tools.

Randall's realm of expertise include Python, JavaScript, and Go development, web security, cryptography, and infrastructure security. Randall has been writing software for ~20 years and has built some of the most-used API services on the internet.

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