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Add authentication, authorization, and user management to your apps and APIs.

Use Cases


Overview of the ways Okta can be used to authenticate users depending on your needs.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Using Okta's Multi-Factor Authentication API to add MFA to an existing application.

API Access Management

Secure your APIs with Okta's implementation of the OAuth 2.0 standard.

Integrate with Okta

Make your app enterprise ready and connect with thousands of customers with the Okta Integration Network.

Relationships with Linked Objects

Create users with relationships.


Getting started with the Okta API

Learn the basics of the Okta API. Includes details on design principles, error codes and CORS to help you quickly get started.

Authentication API

Authenticate users with REST endpoints.

Management API

Manage Okta resources such as users, groups, and factors with REST endpoints.

Error Codes

Understand Okta API errors.

Okta Expression Language

Use Okta's Expression Language throughout the administrator UI and API.

Change Log

Review the changes to Okta API Products by release.


Add User Consent to Your Authentication Flow

Add a user consent to your authentication or authorization flow

Upload Your Own Certificates for Outbound SAML Apps

How to use a custom SAML certificate for apps

Create an ID Token or Access Token Containing a Groups Claim

Use the app profile to create an ID token or access token that contains a groups claim

Share Application Key Credentials for IdPs Across Apps

How to share application key credentials between apps

Upgrade SAML Apps to SHA256

Upgrade SAML Apps to SHA256


OAuth 2.0 and Okta

The next evolution of the OAuth protocol focuses on client developer simplicity.

OpenID Connect and Okta

This simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol makes identity management easier.


Enable SSO for your web and mobile applications with SAML.

SCIM Provisioning with Lifecycle Management

Enable SCIM-based provisioning from Okta to your application.