Connect any user to any application with primary and multi-factor authentication


One Database for All Your Users


Securely store user profiles, manage passwords, and organize users into groups with Okta's Universal Directory.

User Onboarding to Okta

  • API-enabled onboarding and registration flows
  • Custom activation email
  • CSV upload

Password Management

  • Secure password storage in Okta
  • Password registration via API or custom email
  • Recovery via MFA or custom email


  • API to Okta

User Profile

  • Extensible profile with unlimited attributes stored in Okta


  • Okta-mastered groups

Session & Policy Management

  • Okta-managed session
  • Okta-managed password, lockout, and MFA policy

Multi-factor Authentication



Duo Security | Google Authenticator
RSA SecurID | Symantec VIP

Native Options


Okta Verify | SMS

Single Sign-On

Build seamless experiences. Link any set of applications with one username, one password, and one session. No matter how users authenticate, accessing any of your applications takes just one click.


OAuth 2.0 API Access Management

Secure access to your APIs without the hassle of standing up a token server.

  • Complete standard-compliant support for OAuth 2.0
  • Proven compatibility with 3rd party API management solutions

Create Authorization Policies Based On:

  • icon--user.png User profile
  • icon--group.png Group membership
  • icon--location.png Network zone
  • icon--client.png Client
  • icon--administrator.png User or administrator consent

Instantly revoke or update user permissions based on user status and profile.

Okta Application Network

Give users a seamless experience across all parts of your product.


User Provisioning Connectors

Okta automatically manages user accounts in popular platforms and SaaS apps.

Single Sign-On

Leverage Okta’s pre-built, tested, and maintained integrations to add SSO to any app or platform in minutes.

Logs & Reports

Analyze user engagement and monitor events for suspicious activity. Extract logs via API, use Okta’s built in reports or plug in your preferred logs analysis tool.

Architected for Zero Downtime at Scale

Never taken offline for scheduled maintenance or any other reason. Connecting millions of people to thousands of applications in 185 countries. Trusted by thousands of organizations.


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Designed, Built, and Maintained by Security Experts

Protecting user profiles and authentication requires constant attention. Our team is on the job.

  • Secure development practices & operations
  • Compute, network, & physical security
  • Independent audit & certification

Trusted by Developers at Leading Organizations


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