Scopes specify what access privileges are being requested as part of the authorization. For example, the email scope requests access to the user's email address. There are certain reserved scopes that are created with any Okta authorization server, which are listed here.

If you need scopes in addition to the reserved scopes provided, you can create them. Custom scopes can have corresponding claims that tie them to some sort of user information.

  1. In the administrator UI, navigate to API > Authorization Servers.

  2. Choose the name of the Authorization Server to display, and then select Scopes. Add Scopes width:

  3. Choose Scopes > Add Scope, and provide a name and description, then choose Create to save the scope. View Scopes width:

These scopes are referenced by the Claims dialog.

If you set a scope as "Default", then it will be included by default in any tokens that are created. Depending on which flow you are using, it might also allow you to exclude the scope parameter from your token request.


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