Create Claims

Tokens contain claims that are statements about the subject (for example: name, role, or email address).

Create ID Token claims for OpenID Connect or access tokens for OAuth 2.0:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > API.

  2. On the Authorization Servers tab, select the name of the authorization server, and then click Claims. Okta provides a default subject claim. You can edit the mapping or create your own claims.

  3. Click Add Claim, enter a Name for the claim, and configure the claim settings:

    • Include in token type — select Access Token (OAuth 2.0) or ID Token (OpenID Connect). If you choose ID Token, you can also define whether you want the claim included only when requested or always included.

    • Value type — select whether you want to define the claim by a Groups filter or by an Expression written using the Okta Expression Language.

    • Value — this option appears if you choose Expression. Use Okta Expression Language syntax to generate values derived from attributes in Universal Directory and app profiles, for example: appuser.username.

      Note: Check that your expression returns the results expected. You can validate an expression using the Token Preview tab.

    • Filter — this option appears if you choose Groups. Use it to add a group filter.

      Note: Up to 100 groups are included in the claim. If the filter results in more than that, the request fails.

    • Disable claim — select if you want to temporarily disable the claim for testing or debugging.

    • Include in — specify whether the claim is valid for any scope or select the scopes for which the claim is valid.