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How to GraphQL in Java

REST APIs are hard to design so they serve multiple clients well. As each client has their own needs in terms of data searching, filtering and which fields they want, a traditional REST API will provide a single version of an entity and the client has the responsibility of navigating through multiple endpoints and correlate the data on their side to build the data they want. GraphQL was developed by Facebook to overcome the shortcomings...

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Add Docker to Your Spring Boot Application

Docker enables you to deploy a server environment in containers. A container is a standardized unit of software that assembles code, runtime, dependencies, settings, and initialization in a single package that you can run reliably from one computing environment to another. Deploying your app as a Docker container is not hard, and can alleviate a lot of problems that you may encounter when moving your app around the multiple environments it has to go, like...

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Deploy Your Spring Boot App the Right Way

Spring Boot is an awesome solution to speed up the development cycle of your app. Have an idea and want to transform it into a Spring Boot app, but don’t know the best way to deploy it? Look no further, we will help you out! There are plenty of options to deploy Spring Boot applications. In this article. we will cover three of them: Azure Amazon Web Services Self-hosted We will use a simple application...

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Build a Simple CRUD App with Java and JSF

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java framework for building Web applications, centered on components as the building blocks for the user interface. JSF benefits from a rich ecosystem of tools and vendors, as well as out of the box components and libraries that add even more power. Why use JSF instead of JavaServer Pages (JSP)? There are two primary reasons: First, JSF has more templating capabilities, since it doesn’t write your view directly as it...

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