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Faster Spring Boot Testing with Test Slices

We know unit testing is a vital part of the software development process. We also know us developers love to debate techniques, frameworks, strategies, and how different layers and components need testing. Unit tests are the most valuable when they are stable, fast, and reproducible. Spring Boot is known to reduce boilerplate code and make development extremely efficient, but it can come with a cost when it comes down to the testing. Without prior optimization,...

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How to Docker with Spring Boot

Those of you reading this have certainly heard of Docker. After years of hype, it has become the somewhat standard technology for everyday DevOps operations. It greatly helped to simplify deployments and testing by creating efficient, immutable images of the applications which are working in their own silo. More efficient placement of applications has made this technology central for cloud applications which is why it has gotten so much attention in recent years. Docker has...

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Create a Secure Ktor Application with Kotlin

In this tutorial, you will build your very own Nano Blogging Service (nabl for short) using a modern JVM stack. This includes using the Kotlin programming language, the Ktor web framework, and securing it with Okta. Users can log in or sign up, post updates, and browse specific or global chronological feed without advertisements. The blogging service displays posts from the selected user or everyone in the chronological feed. Kotlin is often considered a “better...

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Deploy a Secure Spring Boot App to Heroku

Developers have cool ideas for pet projects all the time. I often have quite a clear picture of what I want to build and am ready to spend next weekend making the Next Big Thing. The weekend comes finally, and instead of building it, I find myself doing the same repetitive things - deployment, user sign in, registration, deployment, etc. Starting a new project with user registration and a login form is fun! - said...

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