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Build an Android Application with Authentication

With mobile apps becoming ever-present in users' lives, following best security practices has become essential in protecting your users and your apps. Implementing security alone and from the ground up can be costly for your development team, create a less-than-ideal user experience, and be susceptible to design/implementation errors. The easiest path to strong security, and a positive user experience, is to turn to the experts. The Okta OIDC SDK can help with this in many...

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Get Familiar with Android and Gradle

Interested in Android development? Then you should get familiar with Gradle, the only Android development build system that Google officially supports. Gradle manages all aspects of the Android development process, making it easy to: Compile your code Solve dependency trees and conflicts between libraries Merge your code and resources with those of your libraries Cache resources for compilation performance Connect it all to the Android SDK Finally packaging it into the right format with the...

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