avatar-jf.jpg Joël Franusic

Secure Applications with Certificate Pinning

In the famous 1993 cartoon from the New Yorker, one canine sits at a PC, looking at another, and says, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” More than a quarter of a century later, digital certificates have made us more certain who we’re talking to online, but there are still problems that mean we can’t be 100% sure. Certificate pinning serves to close that gap by narrowing down the certificates we accept from...

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SAML: What's Behind SSO

Apple’s recent announcement of a single sign-on (SSO) solution, Sign in with Apple, has developers everywhere thinking about how to incorporate it into their application’s infrastructure. Apple is hardly the first organization to introduce SSO—it’s a security-focused methodology that has been available for years—and one of the protocols behind it is SAML. The SAML protocol lets users prove their identities across multiple applications with just one set of login credentials. It was ratified in 2002...

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Add the Power of Webhooks to Your App with Okta's System Log

UPDATE: Since this article was written we’ve released official webhook support in Okta! If you’d like to see an easier way to handle webhooks in Okta, please check out our new docs. If you’ve used webhooks before, you probably understand the magical powers they boast. Do you want to build a sleep tracker for your dog? Get notified when it’s going to rain? Or maybe have new Eventbrite attendees automatically added to Salesforce? You can...

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