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R2DBC and Spring for Non-Blocking Database Access

Reactive APIs are a powerful way to handle and serve large amounts of data and large numbers of requests in a web application. They rely on a “server-side event” model in which the client (e.g. your browser) subscribes to “events” on the server, and the server “pushes” events to the client as they become available. For simple CRUD applications this is not very useful. However, in situations with millions of “subscribers” it can offer improved...

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Spring Cloud Config for Shared Microservice Configuration

The microservice architecture pattern, in which business functionality is distributed among many small atomic applications as opposed to one or two monolithic chunks, is very powerful and in wide use across large and small tech companies. Each piece has a narrow, well-defined task and communicates with other services via a shared channel (usually REST APIs). The benefits of adopting a microservice architecture include: Easier maintenance and development of applications: developers and teams can focus on...

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Spring Security SAML and Database Authentication

Spring Boot is a ubiquitous and well-supported suite of tools for developing web applications in Java. Database authentication, in which credentials identifying authorized users are stored in a database accessible by the application, is maybe the most common and straightforward method of authenticating users. SAML is a well-supported open standard for handling authentication between identity providers and service providers. Configuring SAML authentication in Spring Security is a common topic, and examples are easy to come...

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