avatar-heather-wallander.png Heather Wallander

Heather Wallander is a Solution Engineer at Okta, specializing in Customer Identity Use Cases. After beginning her career in sales and marketing, she moved into software development, before finding the best of both worlds in Solutions Engineering. Heather has a bachelor's in Marketing and master's in Information Systems. She joined Okta in February 2019.

Build Easy User Sync Webhooks with Okta

Okta is an identity platform focused on making authentication easy to build with minimal code, and you’ll often hear us say that by using Okta you’ll never have to build authentication again. A lot of companies benefit from using our platform, which allows them to easily prompt for multi-factor authentication (MFA) based on contextual policies, offer self-service password resets and registration, and of course authentication, including federation to enterprise identity providers and social media accounts....

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