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How to Toggle Functionality in C# with Feature Flags

Toggling functionality using feature flags in .NET Core apps is quite straightforward, especially with a neat little feature flag management service. In this post, I’ll walk you through how to build a simple web application using Okta for user authentication and how to use ConfigCat to manage and access feature flags. What Are Feature Flags? Feature flags (aka. feature toggles) are a relatively new software development technique that enables development teams to turn features on...

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A Quick Guide to Elasticsearch for .NET

Implementing search functionality in your .NET Core apps doesn’t have to be hard! Using Elasticsearch makes it easy to develop fast, searchable apps. In this post, I’ll walk you through building a simple web application using Okta (for user authentication), Elastic Cloud (the official Elasticsearch hosting provider), and the fabulous Elasticsearch NEST SDK. Why Use Elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is an analytics and search engine based on the Apache Lucene library. It is developed in Java, following...

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How to Support .NET Core SameSite + OAuth Apps on Linux

Google’s recent approach to SameSite cookie attributes caused a bit of confusion among developers. Especially in cases where handling redirects is necessary. After doing some research in the topic I’d like this article to be a guide on how to handle SameSite cookie attributes properly in production. This guide can serve as the basis for deploying an application to any Linux based environment—such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google Cloud App Engine—or any VPS Linux deployment....

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How to Deploy Your .NET Core App to Google Cloud, AWS or Azure

There has been a cut-throat competition between cloud hosts in the past few years - each attempting to earn the sympathy of developers and dev-ops by rolling out shiny new tools, plugins, and integrations. There are a gazillion how-to tutorials and guides in the community on using these tools. Sometimes when looking for a solution, it is hard to find the newest and simplest way. I never know if an article written last year is...

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Install .NET Core Apps on Linux in 5 Minutes

As a big fan of open source, I’m loving the fact that .NET Core is cross-platform. It opens up endless possibilities, from hobby projects, experiments, and proofs of concept, to massive high-load production applications that run on cost-effective infrastructure with high security and scalability. I usually get the simplest and cheapest $5/month Ubuntu-based virtual private server (VPS) from any cloud platform provider instead of the more complex and expensive container instances or cloud computing services....

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