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Tutorial: Chef and Account Automation with Okta

Tip: This tutorial is part of our series on integrating Okta with popular infrastructure as a code solution. If you’re not into Chef, check out our Ansible, Puppet, and Terraform tutorials. Chef cookbooks are a great way to manage infrastructure at scale. However, like other configuration management tools, Chef works best when cookbooks don’t change often. This is easy to accomplish in typical server setup and configuration tasks like install Nginx and tweak conf file....

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Tutorial: Ansible and Account Automation with Okta

Tip: This tutorial is part of our series on how to integrate Okta with popular Infrastructure as a Code solution. If you’re not into Ansible, check out our Puppet and Terraform tutorials. I love using Ansible to deploy and manage configuration at scale. However, like any other configuration management solution, Ansible works best when playbooks don’t change often. This is easy to accomplish when you manage only server artifacts and binaries, but it can get...

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Tutorial: Puppet and Account Automation with Okta

If you use Puppet to automate configuration management across dynamic server fleets, there’s a question about identity & access management – how do you get accounts and credentials on the machines? A common practice is to push SSH Keys for every admin user to every server. This has major security implications, however. What happens when an administrator leaves the company? It is usually up to someone to clear out those keys on each machine, oftentimes...

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How to Configure Better Web Site Security with Cloudflare and Netlify

Working in the security industry and having an insecure site looks super bad. So imagine how I felt after discovering that the security report for my brand new personal site sucked: To fix this, I decided to improve my security score. I’m sharing my findings and solutions here so you can improve your site security too. This is good not only for improving your site security, but also to improve your SEO performance on Google....

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