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Build an Android App with RxJava and Kotlin

Modern-day mobile apps do so much. They communicate with different back-ends via network APIs. They store and retrieve data from the local database, do heavy media processing, and communicate with web sockets. It’s hard to keep track of all the information from different asynchronous data sources, especially knowing that the users are accustomed to constantly having a fluid experience with the apps they use. In the early days of Android, developers used the class AsyncTask...

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Android Login Made Easy with OIDC

Having a dedicated part of a mobile app for authorized users is a must for a modern-day app. Users want to have a personalized experience with the apps they love. They expect to seamlessly use services on different devices and platforms. And, most of all, they want to be sure that their personal data is secure. Implementing a secure login process on Android can be challenging to achieve since many different moving parts need to...

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