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Winners of the AI and Identity Okta Hackathon 2023

Winners of the AI and Identity Okta Hackathon 2023

In late September, in partnership with DevPost, we announced the AI and Identity - Okta Hackathon 2023, and invited developers across the globe to “build an app that integrates identity standards with a flair of AI.

We were excited to see how participants would respond to the challenge, and we were not disappointed! Consider these key numbers:

Total Hackathon Registrants: 576
Total App Submissions: 22
Total Eligible Submissions: 9

At the close of the competition on November 6th, we surveyed all participants and tallied up the results. A panel of judges evaluated the qualifying submissions, discussed, deliberated, and selected winners. It wasn’t easy.

A huge round of applause to the hundreds who registered and participated, a shout-out of gratitude to everyone who offered support and guidance in the forums, those who reached out to us during office hours, and special props to those nine teams and individuals who made it to the finish line with eligible submissions!

All were in competition for the following awards:

1st Place: $10,000 USD plus
Future guest appearance on Okta Dev Advocacy Podcast
2nd Place: $5,000 USD
3rd Place: $3,000 USD
Honorable Mention: $500 USD

Who are the winners? Let’s get right to it starting with our first place winner!

First Place

Name: Facets Wellness App
Team: Caro Arriaga, Natalie Pan
Prize: $10,000 USD and future guest appearance on Okta Dev Advocacy Podcast
Description: Facets is a wellness app and coach that provides snippet based therapy. Simple wellness modules can be completed to help you with specific problems. Currently there are four modules created helping with emotional regulation and intelligence, journaling, assessing values, assessing goals.

“Congratulations for an excellent implementation of OIDC, SCIM, and effective use of AI!”

Comments by the judging panel

Second Place

Name: IHealthHist
Team: Rakhul K R
Prize: $5,000 USD
Description: iHealthHist empowers both doctors and patients by enabling the storage of vital medical information, including historical blood test data, pathology reports, consultation records, and more.

“Fantastic presentation of your app! Well done with your implementation of OIDC and AI.”

Comments by the judging panel

Third Place

Team: Martyn Garcia, Mikkel Garcia
Prize: $3,000 USD
Description: AI-powered learning for your team

“Great job implementing OIDC and SCIM! An interesting approach to learning with AI.”

Comments by the judging panel

Honorable Mention

Team: Shreyas Chaliha aka Trace
Prize: $500 USD
Description: AI-powered application where you can have conversation with your documents

“Good job implementing OIDC, SCIM, and AI.”

Comments by the judging panel

We would like to also acknowledge and reward those for their community involvement and contributions. Our “most supportive hacker” prizes were awarded to the following individuals who supported the participants in forums and/or through solid guidance at the right time:

Hong Tran ($1,000 USD)
Monish Basaniwal ($700 USD)
Deependra Gaur ($200 USD)


We’re thrilled with the results of this AI and Identity Hackathon experiment, delighted by the creative range of submission, and the diversity of the qualifying submissions. Our eligible submissions came from the United States and India, and overall participation was from dozens of countries. We congratulate all the winners, supporters, and participants for making this an exciting hackathon!

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Michael is the Manager of Developer Advocacy at Okta. He has been advocating developer technologies for over 25 years. Michael is a published author of technical books as well as online courses with Pluralsight. Previously, Michael evangelized "smart home" with the Amazon Alexa team, taught developers location data with HERE Technologies, and championed HTML5 while at Microsoft.

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