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avatar-mpalermo.jpeg Michael Palermo

Michael is the Manager of Developer Advocacy at Okta. He has been advocating developer technologies for over 25 years. Michael is a published author of technical books as well as online courses with Pluralsight. Previously, Michael evangelized "smart home" with the Amazon Alexa team, taught developers location data with HERE Technologies, and championed HTML5 while at Microsoft.

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Okta at RSA Conference 2024

We are excited to have a presence at RSA Conference 2024! On Tuesday, May 7th, we will speak on Identity: Your key to stop breaches. Consider why you don’t want to miss this session: Attackers are not breaking in – they are logging in. Exploiting weak passwords, phishing credentials, and navigating privileged access is a hacker’s easiest way to infiltrate your organization. How can you fight back? Done right, identity is your first line of...

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Winners of the AI and Identity Okta Hackathon 2023

In late September, in partnership with DevPost, we announced the AI and Identity - Okta Hackathon 2023, and invited developers across the globe to “build an app that integrates identity standards with a flair of AI.” We were excited to see how participants would respond to the challenge, and we were not disappointed! Consider these key numbers: Total Hackathon Registrants: 576 Total App Submissions: 22 Total Eligible Submissions: 9 At the close of the competition...

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