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Getting to Know GooseClip: Interview with an Okta Hackathon Winner

Getting to Know GooseClip: Interview with an Okta Hackathon Winner

Okta Early Access Hackathon revisited

In August, Okta’s developer relations team invited intrepid developers to participate in the virtual Okta Identity Engine Early Access Hackathon, and challenged them to build a working app with our limited availability new customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform. A month or so after, judges convened, winners were announced, and thousands of dollars in prizes were distributed. Kudos to hundreds of participants, and props to all involved.

In October, we sat down with UK-based developer Matthew McKenzie, the creator of GooseClip, our first prize winner.

Introducing peer-to-peer GooseClip

GooseClip is an authenticated peer-to-peer communication platform, rooted in the Go programming language, and inspired by “a frustration at the lack of interoperability of our modern devices.” As Matt describes it, “GooseClip obscures the complexity of peer-to-peer networking by presenting a simple 2-route API, /attach and /connect.” This becomes the base upon which he builds various example mini-products, which demonstrate the versatility and simplicity of the underlying p2p platform.

Developer advocates Heather Downing and Brian Demers spoke with Matt about peer-to-peer technology, his vision for GooseClip, and his experience hacking Okta and building auth. Matt shared some insights about building leading edge applications and launching new tech products as an independent developer and technical founder.

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Brian Demers is a Developer Advocate at Okta and a PMC member for the Apache Shiro project. He spends much of his day contributing to OSS projects in the form of writing code, tutorials, blogs, and answering questions. Along with typical software development, Brian also has a passion for fast builds and automation. Away from the keyboard, Brian is a beekeeper and can likely be found playing board games. You can find him on Twitter at @briandemers.

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