Never build auth again

Okta adds authentication, authorization, and user management to your web or mobile app within minutes.

        let oktaSignIn = new OktaSignIn({
          baseUrl: orgUrl,
          clientId: cid,
          logo: '/images/logo.png',
          language: 'en',
          redirectUri: '',
          authParams: {
            responseType: 'code',
            scopes: ['openid']

        function renderWidget() {
            el: '#widget-div'
          function success(res) {

        window.onload = renderWidget;

Easy, customized sign-in

Try customizing the sign-in experience for your users. Once you’re done, sign in with the provided credentials.

What we do


Quickly add secure user authentication to your app with passwords or tokens.
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Use fine-grained permissions and intelligently control user access based on factors like geo, IP, device, and historical patterns in behavior.
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Sync existing on-prem or cloud AD/LDAP accounts to Okta and easily connect your users to new services.

Token Authentication

Generate, manage, validate, and revoke OAuth 2.0 tokens, without custom code.
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OpenID Connect

Okta supports OpenID Connect for building authentication into your application.
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Single Sign-On

Create a better user experience with SAML-based single sign-on using Okta and third party providers.
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Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance security with a second (or third) factor, like SMS, Yubikey, voice, one-time passcodes, or Okta Verify with Push. 
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Social Login

Rich user profiles and authorization with credentials from popular platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Facebook.
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Complete Docs & SDKs

We make your life easier with great docs, integrations, samples, and SDKs.
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