Okta API Products Release Notes

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These release notes list customer-visible changes to API Products by release number. Additionally, separate Okta Identity Engine API release notes are provided that list customer-visible changes to the Identity Engine API Products by release number.

The release notes are organized by year in descending order. In the left-side navigation bar, select the year of the release note that you want to view. The page for the release year opens where you can select the month and release note from the right-side navigation bar.

We release first to preview orgs and then production orgs. Dates for preview releases are the earliest possible release date. Always check your org to verify the release for your org.

To verify the current release and Okta solution for an org (Identity Engine or Classic), check the footer of the Admin Console. The version number is appended with E for Identity Engine orgs and C for Classic Engine orgs. If necessary, click Admin to navigate to your Admin Console.

Release Number in Footer

Note: Changes to Okta unrelated to API Products are published in the Okta Release Notes (opens new window) for admins. See Okta Identity Engine Release Notes (opens new window) for changes to the Identity Engine that are unrelated to Identity Engine API Products.