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Note: In proxy model architectures, where a server-side application using the Embedded SDK is used as a proxy between client applications and Okta servers, a request context for the client applications is required. Security enforcement is expected to be based on the client request context’s IP address and user agent. However, since these values are currently being derived from the server application rather than the client, this enforcement is not available. As a result, network zones or behaviors that drive their conditions based on these request context values (geolocation, IP Address, or user agent) will not work until we can find a solution to the issue.

This use case describes how to integrate a password recovery flow into your app using an Okta SDK. The flow includes an email factor step that the user needs to verify before updating their password.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to set up password recovery with only an email factor.
  • Integrate the password recovery flow into your app.

What you need

Sample code

Configuration updates

The password recovery use case requires the password and email factors.

Displays Password and Email factor indicators

Before you build a password recovery flow with an email factor, ensure that your org is configured for a multifactor use case by completing the steps in Set up your Okta org for a multifactor use case.

Set email as the only factor enabled for password recovery

In addition to configuring your Okta org for the multifactor use case, you need to enable email as the only factor for password recovery for this flow.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > Authenticators.
  2. From the Setup tab, select Edit from the Actions drop-down menu on the Password authenticator row.
  3. On the Password page, scroll down to the Add Rule section of the Default Policy and click the edit pencil icon for the Default Rule.
  4. In the Edit Rule dialog box, ensure that the following values are configured for the AND Users can initiate recovery with field:
    • Phone (SMS / Voice call): Clear
    • Email: Selected
  5. Click Update Rule if you change any values.

Summary of steps

Integration steps