When a request is sent to the Okta Org Authorization Server, it validates all of the requested scopes in the OAuth2 authorize or token request against the app's grants collection. The scope is granted if it exists in the app's grants collection.

Add grants using the Developer Console

Note: Only the Super Admin role has permissions to grant scopes to an app.

  1. From the Developer Console, click Applications, and then select the OpenID Connect (OIDC) or OAuth 2.0 app that you want to add grants to.

  2. Select the Okta API Scopes tab and then click Grant for each of the scopes that you want to add to the application's grant collection.

    Alternatively, you can add grants using the /grants API. The following is an example request to create a grant for the scope.

    POST /api/v1/apps/<client_id>/grants
        "scopeId": "",
        "issuer": "https://{yourOktaDomain}"

    Note: You can find a list of available values for scopeId in the Scopes & supported endpoints section.


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