Test the Event Hook

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The external service example is now ready with code to receive and respond to an Okta call. The Okta org is now set up to call the external service when an event is triggered. In this example, the event is triggered when a user is deactivated in the Okta org.


To run a test of your Event Hook, go to the Okta sign-in page for your Okta org.

  1. Start by going to your Glitch application and opening the log console (Tools > Logs). Make sure your application is listening for requests.

  2. In your Okta org, sign in as an administrator and create a test user in the Developer Console.

    • Navigate to Directory > People, and click Add Person.
    • As an example, add the user John Doe as seen from the Event Object sample code.
  3. For this user, select the User's profile by clicking John Doe's name.

  4. Click the More Actions drop-down menu, and select Deactivate.

  5. Confirm the deactivation.

  6. Navigate back to your Glitch application's log console. You should see the following output to the console:

    The user John Doe has been deactivated on the Okta org!

Note: Review the troubleshooting section for information if you encounter any setup or configuration difficulties.